Jen + Matt's Munising Wedding

I can still remember the day I got a message from Jen in my inbox. As soon as she told me her and Matt were planning on having a small, intimate beach wedding in Munising, Mi, my heart got so excited! I love traveling, the UP, Lake Superior, waterfalls, hiking, basically everything the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is about, so I knew right away that I needed to document their wedding day and their love. Jen and Matt wanted a simple wedding with just their closest friends and family, and obviously their dog, Gus, who is just such a GOOD BOY!

I felt so inspired by the simplicity of their day and their go with the flow attitudes. We did the most unique first look I've ever curated right outside their motel, and then from there went to Munising Falls. Their ceremony was on Miner's beach with the beautiful Pictured Rocks in the background. After the ceremony we walked up on the bluff where Jen and Matt put in earphones and had a private first dance right on the North Country Trail. It was so beautiful and romantic, and honestly overwhelming witnessing such a pure and loving moment between two people. After their dance and some family photos, we went to Castle Rock, and from there on to Miner's Falls. They were so unbelievably awesome and trusting of me the whole day. For real, these two, who were both dressed in all white, hiked to the falls with me, then hiked down even further to the actual waterfall. It wasn't super easy getting down to the falls and back up, but these two did it with zero complaints, AND they didn't even have a speck of dirt on them when they were done. That is talent, people. Oh and also when we were walking back to the cars this little girl asked "Why is there a princess here?" referring to Jen, and we both almost cried. Because you can still have a fairy tail wedding and feel like a princess while keeping your wedding day reflective of who you are as person, and who you are as a couple. Jen and Matt, I can't thank you enough to asking me to photograph your wedding. Congratulations! 

Motel- Terrace Inn Motel, Munising, Mi - the owner, Larry, was also the officiant! 

Dress + shoes- Express

Hair piece + Gus's tux- Amazon