Jen came to me wanting college graduation photos to celebrate how much she's accomplished, and do head shots in the process to land her that perfect job. She mentioned a few times how silly and ridiculous it was getting her and her dog's cap and gown ready, driving from Port Huron to Grand Rapids, just to get some photos done, but I totally disagreed. I don't think we should ever feel bad about celebrating our accomplishments. I think every woman should have a fun photo session to celebrate herself, because we are worthy of being celebrated, and it's easy to forget that. Graduating, getting engaged, turning 30, feeling frisky, why not plan a fun photo session just for you? 

I noticed in her car she had a copy of You Are a Badass, and we talked about it as we drove to the second location. Part of the book talks about what could happen if you let go of self deprecation and choose to love yourself. As a photographer, I so often see women shy away from the front of my lens. They want to lose that last 15 pounds before they do a boudoir session with me. They me to take photos of "just the kids" because she was too tired from chasing said kids around all day to "get ready". But I can promise you when your kids are grown they won't care how skinny you were, or if your makeup is done, they'll just be happy to have photos with their mom in it. It feels selfish and frivolous to take care of yourself and love yourself, but why? There will always be room to grow, and that's a good thing. Life is a process, and if you don't celebrate each step of it, when you're older and wiser and wrinkly, you'll look back and wish you realized that you and your life have always been beautiful. 

So here's to a fellow bad ass woman. Jen worked full time and took a full course load and didn't give up when life threw every obstacle possible in her way.  


Oh and Ben is graduating puppy training, and I'm a firm believer in celebrating all dog's accomplishments as well.