Destination Weddings + Elopements!

K. Suzanne Photography is now offering super awesome, limited time discounts on travel to select cities in the US and abroad! If you're planning a wedding for 2018 or 2019 and are having a wedding in one of my bucket list cities, I'll do your wedding for travel costs only! I LOVE traveling, and I love getting to explore new places with super in love couples. 


Chico Hot Springs - Pray, Montana

This photo is from my very first destination wedding back in 2015. Before then, I didn't think getting PAID to TRAVEL would be something I would be fortunate enough to do. You see, I grew up in a really small town. Like a, one stop sign kind of town. Like a, travel an hour one way to go see a movie or go shopping, kind of town. At the time I HATED it, but it planted in me this urge to see and experience as much as I could. Maybe if I had grown up somewhere with an abundance of things to do, I would have turned content and lazy. Contentment is great, but the opposite isn't bad either. It drives us toward our goals, pushes us to do something different, and keeps us from settling. I know a lot of people in their mid-late twenties and thirties say things like "I just thought I would be in such a different place in my life by this age!" Thats something that slips out of my mouth every year around my birthday... But don't be discouraged that everything isn't perfect. Find a balance between being present, finding the joy in now, and letting that discontented struggle drive you toward your best self and your best life. 

ANYWAY! This is why I am offering discounts on destination weddings. I want to see it all. I love Michigan, like a lot, but I don't find contentment in sitting still. So whether your wedding is close to me or somewhere far away, send me message, let's talk about it!